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Shaapit Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> Shaapit Movie Review

Movie Name :  
Movie Cast :  
Aditya Narayan, Rahul Dev, Shweta Agarwal, Shubh Joshi
Movie Director :  
Vikram Bhatt
Music Director :  
Najam Sheraz, Aditya Narayan, Chirantan Bhatt
Rating :  
1.5 / 5

ShaapitShaapit is Vikram Bhatt’s third ghostly business enterprise after the success of ‘Raaz’ and standard rating ‘1920’. Vikram’s ways of dealing with thriller subject is very gifted and this time too he has dealt with some responsive parts with excellence. To make people laugh or to scare them are both very tough but it a credit for Vikram Bhatt being able to make people give some goose bumps. The scary moment are praiseworthy. Like his earlier flicks, this time also Vikram has kept the endorsement low.

The story is about a curse that a family is anguish from age group after age group. The story speaks about a couple in love and how they overcome the curse to become one. They fight against the evil and cross many odds to tear down the curse hanging over the girl’s family for 300 years and lead a happy life forever.

Aman (Aditya Narayan) falls in love with Kaaya (Shweta) and both resolute to get matrimonial. They are least aware of the fact that their appointment will bring a deadly problem. Soon after the engagement, the couple met with an accident but luckily they escaped unhurt. On consideration the news of their accident, Kaaya’s parents asked Aman to forget their daughter and first time open the fact that they were under a curse of a Brahmin family for the last 300 years and according to which no girl of their family should get married.

But Aman is not ready to lose his love at any cost and ready to assume any risk to get over the blight. He with the help of his friend Shom (Shubh Joshi) went to a famed professor Pashupati (Rahul Dev) who is master of a holy world. The professor at first refused to help out Aman but on looking at his firm willpower, he accepted to do the unfeasible and get the curse out of the life of the family. Then started a roller coaster drive of terror for Aman, Shom and Pashupati. To win over the evil is a hard job and how they tear down the curse and what happen to the love story of Aman and Kaaya form the rest of the story.

The modus operandi applied is far more unprepared then Vikram’s early flicks. The horror moment are high and able to live up to the prospect of the audience. Vikram has showed his dexterity in dealing confident scene, for instances, Shweta watches an old woman sleeping in the hub of the road while frequent from a late night party, Aditya's efforts to get a scrupulous book from the library, Shweta’s walking in the middle of the night and not finding Aditya, Shubh and Rahul.

Though the film has few band holes, Bhatt has been able to keep the pace of the film going. He has been a superb story teller. Charlatan Bhatt’s music is captivating but the scary music is not up-to-the mark.  The backdrop score by Raju Rao heighten the impact. Pravin Bhatt's camera is eye-catching. Dialogues by Girish Dhamija are apt. The production design by Rajat Poddar is excellent. The special effect which is an important factor in any horror flick is the best. costume by Rahil Raja justify the character and the plot.

Speaking about the performances, Aditya Narayan is very natural in his routine. He is superb as an actor. This is his first film as a lead hero but he has showed huge maturity even in dealing tough subject. Shweta played her role well but almost exhausted in the second half. Rahul Dev is good in portray his role. Newcomer Shubh Joshi has loads of talent and showed his self-assurance. Murli Sharma and Nishigandha Wad and Natasha Sinha excel.On the whole, if you are a lover of ghost story then Shaapit is a film worth watching because it has those rudiments that will scare you chief. This film will entertain you this weekend.

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