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The Dirty Picture Complete Movie Review

    Reviews Home >> Movie Reviews >> The Dirty Picture Movie Review

Movie Name :  
The Dirty Picture
Movie Cast :  
Vidya Balan, Naseruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor
Movie Director :  
Milan Luthria
Music Director :  
Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Rating :  
3 / 5

The Dirty Picture"There are 3 substances that produce a movie successful - entertainment, entertainment, entertainment," spouts Silk Smitha, the attractive lead charm in Milan Luthria's The Dirty Picture. However the words come by Silk, it is clear that it's an adage that Milan himself is taking to heart, something which is clear from his latest launch, a semi-fictionalised biopic of '80s southern sexual acts siren, Silk Smitha.

Milan's previous launch, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, has also been a movie based in some reality, placed in Mumbai's old ganglands and also the struggle for power.

Luthria had wowed viewers then with his opportunity to craft a gripping fictional narrative by getting every thing masala in Bollywood, but not losing management of his story's non-fictional core. Considering The Dirty Picture, Luthria taps back to a similar skill, relating a true plot with the raunchy features of a Bollywood potboiler. Obviously, a large cause of why the movie performs is always that the plot Luthria bases his movie on, is that of Silk Smitha. They say the reality is stranger than fiction, and it is, possibly, a given, which the late siren's real plot might have been far more twisted and interesting. But, the bits that Milan senses make for a consuming affair too.

The movie relates the plot of Reshma, a lady from a small Madras outpost, who goes out at home to identify a life about the big screen. Though there's a lot of struggle to get there, Reshma's feistiness obtains her there, turning her into Silk on the way, receiving the name by her first maker. On her rise to popularity, she is getting the industry's first truly opened sex symbol, sets the news pages on fire as well as has affairs with all the biggest names in the industry, simply to realise it isn't to become. Climax a tragic plot of a star's fall and rise, it's definitely a raunchy, sexy, sensuous and sometimes, also a vulgar watch, that a person simply can't take their eyes off of.

But while it's think about tell an excellent storyline, to inform it well, you need the correct stars. And it is safe to say, it does not have more right for The Dirty Picture, than one Ms.Vidya Balan. Be it in gaining rolls more weight for her role, turning the heat on on-screen, or even in mouthing double-entendres in Rajat Arora's dialogues, it's clear that Balan is living her role as Silk with aplomb. The move is all the greater stunning, provided that before this, the skilled actress is actually known for muted, straightforward roles that keep her charming and conservative. To notice her ooze like unbridled, sexuality makes her much more of a knockout. Indeed, it might are already said before, but also for the first-time, it's correct - a sexy Vidya Balan sets the screen afire in all of her scenes.

The fantastic thing about Vidya's act has to be that her oomph does not come from the skin-show the movie indulges in. Obviously, one is not denying there is not a more that here, with eye-popping bosom in every other stage. But sexuality is really as much an abstract concept as it's a physical one. And also the bravado and confidence that Balan displays in her time as Silk, is a lot more sexy than any kind of skin-show that she check out.

The movie's other fantastic turn comes, expectedly, in the veteran Naseerudin Shah, who plays the sleazy Surya, the industry's top rated star during Silk's years. If Silk is sexxy, then Surya is purely vulgar. Though he has attired in some ridiculous outfits (all in keeping with the movie's '80s adjustments), the fantastic Naseer puts in a superb act in every scene, with the entire writer, Arora, choosing to provide him the best dialogues in the movie.

Similar stars, though, set up more of a middling work. Though Tusshar is wonderful at first as the gentlemanly Ramakant, he simply cannot pull off the type of importance that's required of him here. Adding a moustache hardly helps in butching him up and also the chemistry between him and Balan is pretty tough to endure. Emraan Hashmi, however, seems content to experience the narrator with the movie. His Abraham, as Silk's detractor in chief, is definitely an intriguing hero, a director who dislikes her for cheapening Movie Theater. Yet, the adversarial relationship between him and Silk hardly gets any screen time to develop. Instead, it is a character which the movie is happy to hurry on with.

The movie also picks up on another industry heroes with the era, featuring Anju Mahendru as a gossip queen journo known as Nayla, a accept the late poison penned writer Devyani Chaubal, and Rajesh Sharma as Selvaganesh, a maker who advisors Silk. Though they are not in focus, these side-line heroes add depth for the plot, with notable actions from the players.

Though early entertaining, The Dirty Picture isn't with out its failings. Even though it is really a raunchy watch, eventually, Silk's plot is a misfortune. Even so, Milan's single minded target masala before the penultimate moments means that if the tragic end comes, it lacks the gravitas which the problem needs, the value of the moment dulled. The movie also loss depth in the manner the characters' produce sometimes. While Silk's rise to fame is excellent fun to look at, the quick, sermonising speech she provides right before the period offers no real schedule with hardly an proof put up like that of treatment she gets.

The movie also falters in the manner it is going too much at points with their dialogues. Sure, the punch-a-line composing is excellent at first, it ultimately gets jarring that everybody in this world talks in moviey dialogues continuously, with hardly a scene or two that comes with a straightforward conversation between characters. Sure, the movie's producing throws up a lot more than its share of quotable quotes, '80s fashion, however, perhaps, it is one too many.

The movie's history score depends on two paths, mostly. The first is the movies own Bappi Lahiri-Shreya Ghoshal number ooh la la, which performs out in full glory when and is tested at various points. However, additional number is the excellent naku mukka, a Tamil rage from 2008 that sets Silk as a pure pressure of nature, performed each time she's about to do something extreme.

Approximately though, The Dirty Picture is really a eye sight that you can't take your vision off of. The type of raw sexuality and eroticism that it espouses was missing from the cinema for many years now. Certainly, in the period of the product number, Milan Luthria's newest is really a study in classic sensuality. And also the brilliance of Vidya Balan front and centre in this affair, clearly, it's a must watch…!

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