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Useful show commands.

  Tips Home >> Cisco-router Tips >> Useful show commands.


Configuration of a router is only half the battle. Without a good toolbox of show commands, configuring your router properly will be very difficult. But here are some of the most useful show commands that you should have at a minimum. Of course, the bias here is towards IP.
Show ip arp
Displays the entire ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) table, which is the MAC-to-IP resolution table.
Show version
This command gives a good amount of information; the IOS version you are running, the available interfaces, the system uptime, the last reload reason, and the configuration register setting.
show ip protocols
Displays information about the currently running routing protocols.
show ip route
The old standby, which displays the entire IP route table.
show ip route summary
Gives a very useful summary of the IP route table.
show ip interface
Gives a summary of each interface from the IP level.
show ip interface brief
A very brief summary of each interface.
show ip traffic
An extensive summary of IP traffic statistics on the router.
show access-list
This useful command not only shows the all the currently configured access-lists, but it also shows you the number of hits each line has received. You can use this information to better troubleshoot your access-lists.
show cdp neighbors
Assuming you have CDP enabled, this command gives you a report of all Cisco devices that the current device is connected to. CDP stands for Cisco Discovery Protocol, which can be an invaluable tool.
show cdp neighbors detail
This command gives even more information about CDP neighbors


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