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Study Tips & Techniques - Writing

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Writing Tips for the Parents and Students

Effective writing skills are not only essential for academic success, but for professional and personal success as well. From writing a term paper for class to a cover letter for that first job, mastering basic writing skills puts children in the driver's seat and give them the confidence to succeed in school and beyond. The following are some tips from's educational experts that parents can use to tune up and sharpen their child's writing skills.

1. Pen pal writing
Children can develop excellent letter writing and communication skills through the adoption of a pen pal. This is a terrific year round activity but can be extremely beneficial during the summer months when most students are not academically challenged. A Pen Pal can either be a distant family member, a member of the church or community, or a friend. There are also a number of agencies that specialize in arranging Pen Pals (check the Internet or local library).

2. Thank you notes
When your child receives a holiday or birthday gift from a relative or friend, have him or her write a "Thank you" note instead of responding with a phone call. This is another way of sharpening a child's written communications skills.

3. Creative writing courses
There are an abundance of Creative Writing Courses offered in most communities. These courses help to motivate and encourage children who are interested in becoming better writers.

4. Writing software
There is a tremendous amount of writing software available for children. This software can serve as a remedial, enrichment or supplemental tool and can be extremely beneficial when used as a summer or weekend activity.

5. Writing about literature or a movie
Summer can be a time for catching up on leisure reading or going to see the latest summer flick. After reading that favorite book or watching a movie, encourage your child to write a response to what he or she read or watched. Encourage your child to include feelings about the plot, characters, setting, etc. He or she may also choose to discuss how the ending could be changed.

6. Explore the Internet
The Internet is a wonderful educational resource. From essay contests to reading and writing games, there are many educational and entertaining sites on the Web related to writing.

7. Peer editing
As your child completes a writing assignment for summer school, have his/her sibling or friend edit the completed essay. All parties involved in this process benefit from the experience.

8. Journal writing
Encourage children to keep a daily journal where they can write about events, friends and feelings. Writing about events and activities that directly relate to or affect the child's life can be a good start to getting him or her interested in and excited about writing.

Here are some "thought starters" to help inspire young journal writers.


I am happy when...

My favorite hobby is...

My best friend is,,,

I am proud of myself when I...

I wonder why,,,

My favorite holiday is...

My favorite teacher is...

When I grow up, I want to become a...

I am thankful for...

If I could have three wishes...

I am frustrated when...

My favorite year in school was...

When I open a book...

When I look up into a sky full of stars...

I feel lucky when...


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